The Conscious Love Blueprint

A roadmap to the relationship you’ve always wanted

Making love less stressful and more fun.


This 12 chapter blueprint delivered over twelve weeks is designed to help transform the way you approach relationships so that you can create the love you want.

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  • 12 chapters delivered weekly
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  • Lifetime access to the Conscious Love Blueprint
Why I Developed This Program

Contrary to a lot of love and relationship advice, you don’t have to resort to playing games when you’re dating. In fact, those games do nothing to serve you. They keep you inauthentic and stuck inside your head trying to figure out your next play! What I share with you in The Conscious Love Blueprint is a sustainable way that will allow you to not only be yourself in relationships, but to actually enjoy the journey. Nothing to memorize or pretend here, this is heart-centred work that will stay with you throughout your lifetime.

What’s inside

The Conscious Love Blueprint
  • Understanding the true meaning of self-love and how to practice it
  • The concept of the Relationship Mirror
  • How self-love serves your relationships
  • How to apply self-love whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: Your Self-Love Reflection
  • Why a relationship vision is crucial to the success of your relationship
  • The 5 detailed steps to creating your relationship vision
  • How to create your vision whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: Your Love Story
  • Why aligning to your vision is so important
  • The three ways in which you need to align to your vision
  • Empowering vs limiting beliefs
  • How to align to your vision whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: Growing Your Love Garden
  • How valuing yourself makes dating MUCH easier
  • The three “A”s of knowing your worth
  • How to step into your worth whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: Soothing Your Anxiety
  • Why you never have to chase love
  • How to tap into an abundant love vibration
  • How to let love find you whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: How Open Are You?
  • Learning about the 4 types of connection
  • Discovering which type of connection makes someone love you
  • How to connect on a deeper level whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Exercise: How Do You Connect?
  • What it means to be consciously in love
  • Why rising is better than falling in love
  • Shifting from reactions to intentional feelings
  • Exercise: Rising In Love
  • The “Me, You, Us” model that will help you understand relationship balance
  • What is an interdependent relationship
  • How to create an interdependent relationship
  • Exercise: Your Vision of Interdependence
  • 10 concrete ways to make your communication stronger
  • How to be a better listener
  • How to help your partner be a better communicator
  • Exercise: Upleveling Your Communication Game
  • Why being conscious is so crucial to your successful relationship
  • 5 ways to raise your consciousness
  • 20 suggestions for finding your joy
  • Exercise: Your Conscious Relationship
  • Why appreciation is the glue to your relationship
  • Practicing appreciation on your own and with your partner
  • Symptoms of appreciation
  • Exercise: Your Appreciation Spotlight
  • Assessing what kind of partner you are
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Spotting areas for improvement
  • Exercise: Taking a Look at Yourself
Sabrina Prioletta
Sabrina Prioletta

Having had the opportunity to experience coaching sessions with Diana, I can honestly say she is in a league of her own.  Diana combines a light, loving approach with structure and laser-focused questions that had me reflect in a new way about my relationships, about myself.  It was like a dance – an effortless exchange that never felt awkward or forced.  I recommend Diana to anyone who is searching for the ‘one’ and for those who have found the ‘one’ .. and want to keep them!

Mira Katz

There’s something special about talking about love with someone so pure, genuine, and centred, who isn’t my mom or best friend. Diana’s values are grounded in self-love, joy, and connection. Her questions and comments always gave me something to think about during the session, and even more when I re-listened to them later. I can say with certainty that my mindset has taken a 180 turn. I’m in a more positive mindset, and have a vision I can refer to for guidance when life happens. If you breathe, have a heart, and think relationships are important, Diana can only bring more good things to your life.

Petrona Joseph

Diana’s authenticity sold me on her services. I really enjoyed the objectivity of our sessions. In addition, I enjoyed the follow up emails with resources, and the audio recordings which I was able to listen to myself and which jolted me back to reality. Diana’s coaching sessions were crucial to me getting over the guilt I harbored for leaving a 17 year on and off dysfunctional relationship. Once I was able to let go, I was open to being in love again. Recommending Diana is something I do daily. If I know of someone with relationship issues, I tell them: “call my love coach, she’ll help you”.