If you want to meet someone you easily connect with 
– and if playing games is SO not your thing –
The Conscious Love Blueprint for Singles is for you!

Consider this your 24/7 Love Coach

here’s what you get:
  • 6 lessons delivered weekly
  • Video + exercise to accompany each lesson
  • Forever access to the Conscious Love Blueprint for Singles
  • Membership to a private FB community

Inside this 6-Week Experience you Discover How to Finally Connect with Someone Who’s on the Same Page as You

Sara Pagani

The Conscious Love Blueprint was the saving grace I never knew I needed. After

years of unanswered questions surrounding dating and love, I finally have answers and for that I am eternally indebted to Diana. She has this ability to make something that has always seemed so complex and out of reach, incredibly simple and within reach.  Only two chapters in, I was in awe at how many revelations I had! Knowing that someone like Diana is there to help guide us to the love we know we hold for ourselves and for others, especially when we get lost on the way, is unmatched.

Sabrina Cassis

Since doing the program I’m easily setting boundaries and saying no to relationships that aren’t aligned with my values and desires! I’m confident about voicing what I want instead of just accepting what comes my way. Diana guides you on your dating journey so you can honour yourself and increase your feelings of worth in order to attract the love that you want. She helps you connect to your intuition so you can make better choices for yourself! Diana has a soothing energy and is able to answer questions thoughtfully and with ease, offering useful insights and tips, taking the stress out of trying to understand dating patterns. I highly recommend the CLBP to anyone who finds themselves second guessing their text messages and has a hard time defining what they are looking for!

Week 1 – Building Self-Love and Eliminating Dating Anxiety

When you know how to give yourself the love you’re wanting from someone else, you transform your dating experiences and lead with the type of confidence that’s absolutely irresistible.

Learn how:

  • Your relationships act as mirrors – one of the most empowering lessons and exercises you WILL EVER come across!
  • To stop questioning your every move and date with more ease
  • To step into your worth by following “the triple A pathway”

Week 2 – Letting go of the past, breaking patterns and dumping that baggage

In order to make space for something new (love!), you’ve got to clear out all the old baggage Marie Kondo style.


  • How your mind is sabotaging your dating experiences
  • How to leave the past (exes, childhood traps and all) behind
  • Your patterns and your power to change them



Week 3 – Creating Your Ideal Relationship Vision

Getting clear on what you want is a call to action the Universe cannot ignore. By creating your ideal relationship vision you add more intention to one of the most important areas of your life and set the wheels in motion to attracting it.


  • What’s uniquely important to you in a relationship
  • The 5 detailed steps to creating your relationship vision
  • How to make the Law of Attraction work for you

Week 4- Aligning To Your Vision of Love

Knowing what you want begs you to ask the questions, am I a match? Am I truly aligned with this vision? *Spoiler alert* If you’re not in the relationship you want, there are a few gaps – and we’re going to bridge them in this chapter.


  • The thoughts and beliefs that are standing in the way of your ideal relationship – and how to turn them around
  • The things you’re saying on and off your dates that are keeping you stuck
  • The actions you need to take to turn your vision into reality

Week 5 – Releasing Control and Letting Love Find You

Have you ever noticed that the things you don’t want so badly come easier? That’s because you have less doubt and resistance and try a little less to control the outcome. The control you’re trying to have over your love life is one of your greatest obstacles.


  • Your version of trying too hard (or if you’re a rare unicorn, not enough)
  • The armor you may not be aware you’re wearing when you’re out in the world
  • How to legit become a LOVE MAGNET to the point that you become the chooser (no more settling for you!)

Week 6- What Makes Two People Fall In Love

Does it ever feel like you just can’t get to that place of falling in love with a man who’s just as ready and open for love as you are? We’re going to change that by learning what makes two people fall in love. And guess what, it ain’t got nothing to do with what happens between the sheets.


  • Emotional connection in a way that feels authentic and easy for you
  • Communicating what you want
  • Being a “whole” (not a “half”) in you relationship

Get SO clear on what you want and what you deserve you become a SUPER ATTRACTOR for the kind of relationship you truly desire (and previously, questioned if you could have!)

When can I start the course?

Immediately! As soon as you buy the program you have access to the material (and any future updates), forever!

How much time does it take to complete the course?

The course has been specifically designed to take you through a transformative experience over 6-week period. Every week expect to spend 20 minutes reading & watching the lesson and approximately 1 hour doing the exercises.

How long will I have access to The Conscious Love Blueprint?

You will forever have access to The Conscious Love Blueprint. Still don’t believe me? You also have the option to download each lesson and exercise straight to your computer, so you can be extra, extra sure!

How are The Conscious Love Blueprint materials delivered?

All course materials are delivered online and can be downloaded as PDFs as well. The first lesson is made available to you as soon as you enrol, with each subsequent lesson being made available weekly over a 6-week period.

What if I have technical issues?

If you experience any technical issues, please let us know by emailing hello@dianaeskander.com. You will receive a reply within 24-48 hours!

If this resonates ask yourself, “what would happen if things don’t change?” and “what could happen if they do?”