A love coach, 
dreamer and creator.


A love coach, writer, 
dreamer and creator.

It’s not easy when you desire that special kind of love that deep down inside you know you deserve – and yet somehow, just doesn’t seem to work for out for you.

Trust me when I say, I know how you feel. I know how it feels to yearn for a love like you see in movies, read about in books and see in the lives of people around you. You want it, but it feels so out of reach – even when you’re in a relationship.

Let me tell you,
it wasn’t always this way.

For years, I was in back-to-back relationships filled with struggle, arguments, and what I call “bargaining for love”. From one relationship to the next, I asked for what I wanted, but never quite got it. I couldn’t figure out why.

I’m pretty, nice, cool and confident…I think?

When I finally took some time to be alone and reflect back on my past relationships, what I saw was a recurring pattern – and I was CENTRAL to it.

I wasn’t being appreciated, because I didn’t appreciate myself.

BOOM. It was that simple. My lack of self-love and the discord in my own heart was being reflected and magnified in my relationships.

So began my journey of self-appreciation and being the type of person I wanted to be in a relationship with. I guess you could say, I dated myself for some time.

Fast-forward 4 years later, and the same woman who couldn’t keep it together when she liked a guy, met the love of her life – all the while keeping her calm and her cool. I did it! I could finally be in a solid, loving, harmonious relationship with a man – and myself! Fast-forward another 3 and a half years after that, and we got married on a beautiful August day in the most romantic garden in Old Montreal.

You see, contrary to most love and relationship advice, you don’t have to resort to playing games when you’re dating. In fact, those games do nothing to serve you. They keep you inauthentic and stuck inside your head trying to figure out your next play!

What I share is sustainable and allows you to not only be yourself in relationships – but to actually enjoy yourself, too! Nothing to memorize or pretend, this is heart-centred work that will stay with you a lifetime.

My journey to becoming a Love Coach was born out of my genuine desire to shift the conversation about relationships to a more empowering one. I will help make this area of your life flow with much more ease, so that you can spend your time and energy thriving – not navigating your love life.

If this resonates with your heart in any way, I’d love to speak with you.

Much love,

Diana XO