Creating Your Relationship Vision

We’ve heard enough by now to know that visions and vision boards are necessary for living our lives and running our businesses with more intention and clarity. But what about our relationships?

Whether you’re single or not, a relationship vision is your best friend when it comes to creating the kind of love life YOU want. It offers a blueprint or a roadmap towards your ideal relationship – and most importantly, it begs you to ask the question, am I a match to my vision?

So what’s in a vision? Everything from how you want to feel, to what you see yourself doing with this person, down to the qualities this Mr or Mrs right would need to have to really live this vision out with you.

There are 5 steps to creating your ideal relationship vision:


Step #1: VALUES

When it comes to creating your vision, it’s best to start more general and then get specific. So in this first step, you’ll identify your ideal relationship values.

Ask yourself, “what do I most want to experience in my relationship?”

To help answer this question, think of the best parts of all the existing relationships in your life and write them down. Then start extracting the values from that list. To be clear, a value is anything that’s really important to you.

Using these newly identified values, write a statement about your relationship (existing or not), in the present tense.

For example, if my values are harmony, reciprocity, comfort, adventure, ease and flow, then my statement could be: My relationship is harmonious and reciprocal. It’s comfortable and yet adventurous. I experience ease and flow in my relationship.

*Pro tip: Use words that resonate with you!


In this step, it’s time to get clear on how you want to feel in your relationship, so you can start feeling that way now. Your feelings create emotional (energy in motion) responses which create a ripple effect and send a signal out into the world, allowing you to attract people, places and things of the same frequency.

List out all the ways you want to feel in your (current or future) relationship – there are no limits here! Start with the phrase, “in my relationship, I feel…”

For example, in my relationship I feel satisfied, supported, appreciated, desire, joy, etc.

*You may see some overlap between the values you want to experience and how your ideal relationship feels – this is perfectly ok!


Step #3: ACTIONS

The actions you take daily shape and create your reality. 

In this step, you’ll add sensorial elements to help you with the visualization process (which we’ll cover in step #5).

Ask yourself, “What am I doing in my ideal relationship? What do we do on the weekends? Do we like to travel? If so, what kind of travel? How do we communicate? What’s our sex life like? Are we physically affectionate?” Feel free to get as detailed as you like in this step. Once again, write your answer in the present tense.

For example, my partner and I like to take walks in the evening and explore the city together. We’re affectionate and hold hands wherever we go. We like going to new coffee shops on the weekends and visiting exhibitions at art galleries. We love to go out dancing! We communicate how we’re feeling, good or bad and we laugh often. Laughter and appreciation are the ways we express our love for each other. We enjoy adventurous travels and know how to sit still together and enjoy the simple moments, too.

*If you’re single, I want you to do the things you mentioned above alone and with friends or family. If you’re in a relationship, I want you to carve out time to live this vision with your partner.


Your partner needs to have a certain set of qualities to experience the kind of relationship you’ve outlined above.

List the qualities they need to have to truly experience this relationship with you. Who would he or she need to be? Please do this step even if you’re already with someone! The goal here is clarity. Remember to write your answer in the present tense.

For example, my partner is loving, present, humble, spontaneous, affectionate, ambitious, etc. (go wild here and don’t hold back!)


Now’s the time to see your vision in your mind’s eye. The more you can see this in your life, the greater the influence your vision will have on your reality.

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and take a few deep breaths. Imagine floating out of your seat and watching your life from a bird’s eye view. See yourself in your loving relationship.

Where are you?
Who are you with?
What does he or she look like?
What are you doing together?
How does it feel?

Stay in the vision for as long as it feels good! The point here is to conjure up positive feelings about the relationship. Feel all the feels.

If you’re single:

The vision allows you to set the foundation for the relationship to come. And let’s be clear that you don’t need that someone in your life to live this vision, in fact, living this vision now and embodying the feelings of being in this relationship, are what will attract the relationship to you – it’s not the other way around.

When you live the life you’re hoping to share with someone else, you attract the person who’s living that life, too. Then, you more naturally step into that kind of life together.

The law of attraction is at play. Like attracts like in vibe. So even if you don’t meet someone who likes to do exactly what you do, you’ll meet someone who matches the energy you’re putting out.

Seeing is one step closer to knowing and 10 steps closer to believing. Because even if that relationship is not in your reality yet, it can exist in your powerful mind until it gets there.

Thoughts become things and relationship visions become your reality.

If you’re in a relationship:

The vision helps you get honest and on track. And once again, it serves as a roadmap and a check-in point for how you’re living and how you’re being, in your relationship. Are you giving to yourself and your partner what you want to receive? Are you carving out time in your days, weeks, months to really live your vision?

It’s also a good idea to create this vision as a couple. Even if you don’t go as far as writing it down, talk often about what kind of life and relationship you’re building together. Again, always in the present tense.

The point here is to become a deliberate creator of your reality – and YES, of your love life. Because, you really can have it all, as long as you get clear about what all means to you.